WNUSP is reorganizing!

Dear WNUSP members and followers,

It’s great to greet you with this happy news.

WNUSP is internally reorganizing, and we are developing this Wordpress site to be the new platform for all activities related to WNUSP. So please bookmark this page, and take a look around to see what you think of it so far.

Please note that the sections: Advocacy, News and Resources have not been updated yet. This will require more attention. Most other sections have had revision already.

WNUSP is happy to include your views in the further development of this portal, and we are happy to receive news from members to be published on this website.

Also, you can take a look at the membership-section.

Early June 2016, WNUSP will kindly request all members, by email and by public channels, to re-register for the membership. In this way, we can make sure that we have all the correct and up-to-date contact information of all our members. This is done, because we are migrating our administration and website. The new membership registration form will also include a question on whether you agree to be listed in the List of WNUSP members.(see also top menu: Membership)

So stay tuned and visit this site regularly for more news and developments!
And feel free to contact us at contactwnusp@gmail.com

best wishes
Jolijn Santegoeds, Co-Chair of WNUSP


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