Membership Fee

WNUSP Membership – Annual fee

WNUSP members are kindly requested to pay an annual membership fee to WNUSP. The fee is newly structured, and is symbolic and should not pose a barrier for membership. Until further decisions of the WNUSP General Assembly, the amount of fee depends on the size of the WNUSP-member-organization. The guideline for determining the amount of fee is $ 0,10 (10 dollarcent) per member of the organization. So an organization with 10 members would pay 1 dollar per year for WNUSP membership. The fee is equal for each member-organization, which is also symbolic.

For members who may not be able to pay the fees, it is possible to apply for a reduction or a waiver of the fees. WNUSP can waive a limited number of fellowships. Long term payment is also possible.

For members who wish to contribute more than the symbolic fee, it is of course possible to make an additional donation to WNUSP, which would be highly appreciated. The guideline mainly indicates a minimum.

Individual members are encouraged to make a donation to WNUSP.

For organizations and individuals with sufficient resources we would like to suggest:
Individuals: US$ 10
Associate membership: US$ 10
Full membership
US$ 25 (if organisation has income below US$ 100.000 per year)
US$ 50 (if organisation has income above US$ 100.000 per year)
US$ 100 (if organisation has income above US$ 1.000.000 per year)

For any questions, please contact:

Payment details:

The membership fee should be paid annually to WNUSP, by bank or by Paypal.
Please add in the description of your payment: fee 2017 and the name of your organization.

NEW Bank details of WNUSP:
NEW Address: WNUSP Interim Secretariat, c/o Stichting Mind Rights, Lievendaalseweg 50, 5652 SC Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

NEW Bank number of WNUSP:
IBAN: NL63 INGB 0008 0166 15
Bank account number of WNUSP: 0008 0166 15

Address of Bank:
ING Bank N.V.
Foreign Operations
PO Box 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Follow the link below to visit the PayPal account of WNUSP: