Organization Member Registration

Please note the following points when filling out the form:

An Organisation Member of WNUSP must be a user/survivor of psychiatry organization, which is an organization run entirely by users or survivors, or where the majority of members and people in a governance role are users or survivors. To register as an organization member of WNUSP, please fill out the questions on the form below.

An organization can be a Full Member (i.e. a voting member) of WNUSP if it is a national user/survivor organization for your country (or your country does not currently have a national user/survivor organization).  If you wish to become a Full Member then please fill out all the questions on the form below.

Please also give a more detailed description of your organization in the space at the end of the form. In particular, please provide some details of your governance structure and purpose of your organization. We may contact you for further information, in order to ensure that you are eligible for Full Membership.

If you have any queries about the forms or these instructions then please contact us by email at the email address:

Organization Member Registration form:


To complete the registration process, please go to Membership fee and follow the instructions for making your payment.